PST, innovative products for your security

We, at PST Security can guarantee full protection of your site security including internal, external and from Drones.

Our optimal products solutions can protect any type of sensitive sites:

-Industries, Oil & Gas: Pharmaceutical sites, Chemical sites, Tertiary buildings, Industrial sites
-Prisons, Military, Defense: Military Bases, Police sites, Prisons
-Transport and Logistics: Airports, Logistical platforms, Harbour zones, Railway infrastructures
-Administration, Embassy: Administrative agencies, Territorial organizations, Research buildings, Hospitals
-Energy, Utilities: Nuclear power station, Photovoltaic farms
-Residential: Villas, Residences, Mansions

Perimeters Intrusion Detection Systems

PST Security provides different types of perimeters intrusion detection system: - Infrared Technology - Shock detection technology - Thermal Camera - Laser Technology - Dual technology detectors.

Centralized Security Management System & BMS

Video access control, Biometric authentication, Single access solution, Use of porable readers

Drone Neutralization Systems

CLEARSKY Integrated several systems in-order to track UAV and drone up to 5 km.

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