Overhang system for detector fence

  • EFFICIENCY : Automatic detector fence reset
  • FLEXIBILITY : Easy adaptation to all configurations
  • WIDE RANGE : 3 models available with 3 dissuasion device alternatives


SORHEA’s EUROCLOTURE Security overhang detectors can be necessary accessories for securing a specific perimeter or application.

These products work by signalling and slowing down any intrusion attempt by climbing. Whether they are installed on a fence or on top of a wall, the overhang detectors allow an alarm to be set off when they are operated mechanically.

Three overhang detectors are offered:

  • straight overhang
  • overhang on inclined plane
  • V-shaped overhang

To meet market requirements better, the overhang detectors have the following functions: torque adjustment of detection effort, automatic reset of the mechanism which makes any maintenance operation unnecessary.


Thanks to the wide range, the products adapt easily to all configurations and all the required security levels.

Description Dynamic system sensitive to climbing Automatic reset Can be integrated into the pole
Double Protection Physical protection: Detection Fence: Prevent to intervene
Overhang format Straight / at 45° / in "V"
Additional protection With concertina or razor wire
  • Install every 1.50 m to 2M
  • Fix on a stable support (can be adjusted according to support)
  • Fix the razor wire or concertina with staples on the voltage wire(s)

The market for detector fences is different from that of perimeter detection solutions The first function of these products is to physically prevent an intrusion.

The panels mounted on the poles are made up of two plates with electrical current flowing through each of them, making them sensitive to cutting or tearing-downattempts. The detector fences are characterised by their resistance; in fact, the does not detect shocks andtherefore do not trigger unwanted alarms.

For optimum protection, it is possible to equip the top of the fence with an overhang system (with automatic reset) in order to detect climbing attempts.

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