G-FENCE 600 & 600Z


Shock detection system for fences

  • EASY INSTALLATION : Self-calibration, up to 600 m perimeters
  • RELIABILITY : Detection through analysis of vibrations, sensitivity and number of impacts
  • INTEGRATED WEB SERVER : Remote maintenance, time-stamped log


G- FENCE 600 and 600Z are shock detection systems for fences, designed for perimeters of 600 m maximum.

G-FENCE 600 and 600Z are made up of detector cables connected to a control unit; they detects vibrations caused by an intrusion made by climbing, cutting or pulling out the fence.

During an intrusion these vibrations are detected by the accelerometer sensor fixed on the fence and transmitted to the control unit which analyses the information and generates an alarm if the activation threshold is reached.

Supplied with 12Vdc, the single management unit can be installed inside or outside the building. Thus, it manages 600m of cable distributed over 2 directions of 300 m maximum. Each 100 m of cable section is equipped with 40 sensors, i.e. 1 sensor per panel and up to 120 sensors per cable direction.
During an intrusion, alarm information is transmitted from the control unit by dry contacts.


G-FENCE 600 and 600Z are suitable for 600 m perimeters maximum, such as industrial sites, which require a high security level and a corresponding budget.

To facilitate installation, the control unit of G-FENCE 600 and 600Z can be used remotely from inside the building, where a 12Vdc power source is available. In fact, the system is designed to tolerate up to 200 m of inert cable between the control unit and the detector cable.

Moreover, G-FENCE 600 and 600Z facilitates maintenance via an integrated web server. Remote maintenance, adjusting the sensitivity and number of impacts, as well as a time-stamped log (for intrusion location) are directly available via Ethernet link.

Power supply 12Vdc
Alarm output 2 intrusion alarms (1 per area) + 1 technical alarm + 1 self-protection alarm
Operating Temperature de -35°C à +70°C
Electromagnetic compatibility Compliant with electromagnetic (EC label)
Installation 1 panel sensor - up to 200 m of inert cable (per area)
Configuration Auto-calibration - Adjustment of sensitivity and number of impacts per sensor/zone, remotely or locally without software
Remote maintenance Integrated web server - Time-stamped log of the last 1000 events

It is important to install a detector cable in the middle of the fence panel with the supplied cableties and to fix a sensor by tightening one of the cable ties on the fence mesh.

To optimise the sensor’s detection, the sensor must be placed in the middle of the panel.

Entrances and gates: use at least a 0.6mm² standard cross-section cable with a maximum length of 200 m perentrance or gate.


To secure a fence and detect any intrusion attempt, a detector cable is installed on the fence. During an intrusion, the sensors will detect vibrations on the fence and send information to the Control Units, which in turn analyse the information received before triggering an alarm, or not.

The cable is pre-assembled with easy-to-install sensors helping to reduce installation costs.

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