Detector fence technology

  • EFFICIENCY : 100 % detection
  • RELIABILITY : Almost zero unwanted alarms
  • ROBUSTNESS : No welding point


The ACTIFENCE® detector panel is one of the most effective, commercially available perimeter protection systems. Thanks to the associated hardware and technology, this product has some very high mechanical properties and is very robust.

The alarm is set off through cutting , tearing out , or pinching, with an instantaneous response time. The detection precision is panel-based.


This product was specially designed for high-sensitive site applications: perimeter fence, wall top, secure access points, etc.

Sorhea can adapt to all your specific projects by proposing a customised design and mesh dimensions in order to better meet your security needs. The thus modifiable panel is perfectly suited to sensitive site applications with maximum security requirement: prisons, nuclear power plants, sensitive sites, etc.

Detector panel and poles

Description Perforated metal panel Aluminium Anti-corrosion treatment Polymerised polyester plastification
Dimensions To be determined according to customisable application / perforation
Mesh Long diagonal: 50 X 50 mm (other designs possible)

Neck curtain

Principle Aluminium / stainless steel Dynamic detection Torque adjustment Automatic reset
Height 50 cm to 1 m


Material Aluminium or concrete
Dimensions Length: 2 m / Height: customisable / Thickness: 40mm
Alarm management Instantaneous response time
  • Manufacturer’s visit prior to installation
  • Evaluation of soil type prior to installation
  • Respect of manufacturer’s instructions
  • Use of a ground plane, with topographic measurements for the installation of redants

The market for detector fences is different from that of perimeter detection solutions The first function of these products is to physically prevent an intrusion.

The panels mounted on the poles are made up of two plates with electrical current flowing through each of them, making them sensitive to cutting or tearing-downattempts. The detector fences are characterised by their resistance; in fact, the does not detect shocks andtherefore do not trigger unwanted alarms.

For optimum protection, it is possible to equip the top of the fence with an overhang system (with automatic reset) in order to detect climbing attempts.

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